Animal Crossing: New Horizons is developed and published by Nintendo. It is packed with so many characters, each having its own importance and personality. New Characters are introduced to the players as they progress. However, some characters help you more than others to settle yourself in the Island Life. Here’s some information about some characters who will be your biggest support throughout the Journey:

Nook’s Cranny in Animal Crossing

Tom Nook is Animal Crossing’s foremost Capitalist and offers you the get-away package. He helps you in starting your own community on a deserted island. Not only this, but he also helps you with expanding your house and island Infrastructure.

Timmy and Tommy are two brilliant young minds. Tom Nook trusts them with helping you in setting up your package. Once you have your feet on the island a little deeper, they open Nook’s Cranny which is your go-to shop for any material for building infrastructure and Decor.

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Orville and Wilbur

Dodo airlines could not have hoped for better staff members than Orville and Wilbur. Orville helps with the front desk operations, mailing, and opening your island for tourism. Wilbur is your trustworthy, calm, and composed pilot. He ensures your safe travel and provides you tools on mystery tours.

Varioud Characters in the Game

Got a Fossil? Blathers is there for you!

Blathers loves knowing about the island creatures and fossils as much he hates bugs. He can provide you with enough information about any creature you bring to him. After a certain amount of fossils and creatures, Blathers can help you in building a museum and displaying your fauna collection.


Isabelle is responsible for enhancing island and community relations. She eventually works with Tom Nook and announces daily broadcasts. Isabelle helps you to get information about the residents and their feedbacks. She also helps in setting up the island flag and tune and is the medium of communication between you and your community.

Mabel, Sable, and Label

Mabel is the lively shopkeeper who assists you in your clothing needs. Her elder sister Sable manages the shop and is not the most interactive character for sure. You might meet Label when she is on her hunt to find fashion trends. Try to help her out.

Other Characters you will Encounter on your Journey in Animal Crossing

You will never feel alone on your island as the visitors will keep on arriving. They include the Astronomy Enthusiast Celeste, Shoe Vender Kicks, Rug Merchant Saharah, Turnip Seller Daisy Mae, Fish Lover C.J., Bug lover Flick, Harvey, Ghost Wisp.

All these characters are aimed to make your time in Animal Crossing: New Horizons worthwhile. Interaction with every character is great because they are all carrying different personalities and interests.  Everyone on the island has something different to offer which makes the game fun and a curious journey.

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