Love adventure activities? If yes, then these are the places in India that you should visit for paragliding and other adventure activities. These places will make you forget international destinations.

When it comes to travelling in India, it has something for everyone. India is a diverse land and is known for its rich culture, heritage and traditions. Be it food, monuments, history or language – places in India always manage to marvel you with their exquisiteness. Apart from being rich culturally, India is also an emerging hub for adventure activities. Be it rafting in Rishikesh, or hiking in Spiti, adventure activities in India have gained immense popularity with time. And one such activity that has become popular in India is paragliding. 


If you are someone who loves paragliding, then you don’t need to visit Switzerland, Italy, Brazil or Georgia anymore, since you can get the same paragliding experience in India too. So if you are an adventure junkie and want to satiate your adrenaline rush, then here are some must-visit paragliding spots in India that you shouldn’t miss out on. 


Bir Billing:


Bir billing in Himachal Pradesh is also known as the paragliding capital of India. The tranquil weather and the paragliding height makes this place perfect for adventure. If you love adventure, then you cannot miss out on this place. 




If you are from Mumbai and don’t want to travel much for paragliding then head straight to Kamshet in Maharashtra. Getting a bird’s eye view of the villages of Kamshet is a lifetime experience. So add this place to your list right away. 




Not only Himachal and Maharashtra but Chennai, which is known for its Marina beach also has a paragliding spot named Yelagiri that is situated 3 hours away from the city. It offers paragliding from a height of 2200 meters, and its beauty will leave you spell-bound. 




Shillong, which is popularly known as the Scotland of East India, offers one of the best paragliding sites in India. A panoramic view of the city can be enjoyed while paragliding from this site. 




Sansar in Jammu is not only known for its resplendent valley views, but it’s also known for its beautiful paragliding spot. Fly like a bird with the snow-capped Himalayas surrounding you to feel like you are in a divine place. 




Manali is yet another famous destination for paragliding. Solang Valley and Marhi are the two most popular spots for paragliding in Manali that you can visit.


So, for the love of adventure take a paragliding trip to one of these places right away. 

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