90 Day Fiance couple Steven and Olga first crossed paths when she was in the States for a vacation. But after the Russian native dated Steven for about one and a half months, she was pregnant. Even though it was a major shocker, the couple managed to take care of their newborn and establish a meaningful relationship. Since they met, they’ve come a long way. 

Olga recently posted on Instagram that she as received her work permit. But the Russian reality TV star is still waiting for her interview for the green card. Let’s take a look. 

90 Day Fiance: Olga Planning To Go To Russia By The End of This Summer

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit a pause button in everyone’s lives. Olga had plans to visit Russia at the end of summer. Even though it seems unlikely, the reality TV star is hopeful. Her work permit allows her to travel. Besides, Olga stated that she has learned to focus on the important stuff while waiting all this time for the card. 

However, in case there is any confusion, the reality TV star hasn’t got her green card yet. In fact, she is waiting for the same to shortly follow after the work permit. 

90 Day Fiance: Stevan and Olga’s Journey Together So Far

The couple first made an appearance in the sixth season of 90 Day Fiance. Initially, they hit a couple of bumps but now, it looks like the young parents are stronger than ever. On their 2-year anniversary, Steven posted an adorable picture in June 2019 calling the past two years with Olga perfect. 

90 Day Fiance

He added that every relationship goes through ups and downs. But staying together is what matters in the end. Steven also appreciated Olga for being extremely patient with him. He said that he is lost without her and never wants to let her go. 

Olga also expressed her thoughts about their journey. She said that they have been through a lot but called it a beginning to an adventure. Two months after celebrating their 2-year anniversary, the happy couple got married. 

Self Quarantine, The Couple Makes an Appearance, How Are They Doing Amid The Pandemic?

The couple has sent their son to Steven’s grandmother as they cope through the COVID-19  pandemic. Steven is delivering for Dominos pizza. Even though Olga was super supportive of her husband’s job, she made sure not to contract the virus by making him change out of work clothes before he entered the house. 

The couple is an inspiration for all the young parents out there. Sound off your thoughts about their progress in the comments below.

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