Founded over 1,000 years ago, Würzburg has had time to become a little bit of everything — it’s one-half UNESCO World Heritage Site (replete with galleries, museums, and medieval architecture) and one-half vibrant metropolis, housing nearly 30,000 students and taking on a younger, more modern identity. The views from Old Town, Marienberg Fortress, and the Old Main Bridge, however, are not of two parts — they’re all amazing.

Blaue Zipfel Wuerzburg Germany

Blaue Zipfel. Photo: CTW / Andreas Bestle

Historical highlight: The Würzburg Residence, an incredible Baroque palace that contains arguably the most beautiful staircase in the world (leading up to the world’s largest painting, the famous Tiepolo Fresco).
Must-try dish: Blaue Zipfel, pork sausages slowly simmered in water, vinegar, onions, carrots, leeks, bay leaves, and juniper berries.
Must-have experience: The Bavarian State Horticultural Show, complete with themed gardens and a walk through the lives of the pioneers of flight.

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