The Paper Windmill Theatre put on a production at Jian De Primary School.

Taiwanese travel retailer Tasa Meng has made an undisclosed donation to help a Taiwanese school host a theatre performance for its pupils and staff.

The pledge allowed more than 2,400 staff and school students at the Jian-De Primary School in northern Taiwan’s Keelung City to watch a performance from the Paper Windmill Theatre Company in the school’s playground.

Aside removing the neccessity for students to travel to other cities in Taiwan to watch the show, the donation helped support indirectly the theatre company’s artists, who according to a Tasa Meng source do not receive funding from the government.

A representative from Taoyuan City Government’s Department of Cultural Affairs, Taoyuan City Mayor Cheng Wen-tsan and the school’s management attended the event.

Cheng, Wen-Tsan, Mayor of Taoyuan City1

Taoyuan City Mayor Cheng Wen-Tsan paid tribute to Tasa Meng and its staff for supporting the event.


In a speech, Wen-tsan thanked Tasa Meng for supporting the event and encouraged other companies to show support for initiatives such as these.

Commenting on the event, the source said: “For us, children need to remember Taiwanese culture and how important it is. Our staff participated and love to see children seeing the show.”

Tasa Meng’s latest philanthropic pledge follows a move in September to lift its employees pay by 5% in support of government reforms on public sector earnings.

The Executive Yuan of the Republic of China has amended the central government’s 2018 general budget to raise pay for all military personnel, civil servants and public school teachers by 3% beginning next year in a move to stimulate economic development.

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