As appealing as it sounds to unplug from all your electronic devices for a week, it’s hard to imagine a “convenient” time when this could happen while still maintaining obligations and responsibilities in the real (digitally-obsessed) world we live in.

off-the-grid retreats

Sometimes its hard to put our tech down, and experience beauty and wonder sans camera lenses. Photo: Dan Hawk/Unsplash

But now is a better time than ever to digital detox for your mental health and overall wellness. With Google searches for “smartphone addiction” hitting an all-time high in the first month of the year, and the habit-forming nature of social media platforms likened to cigarettes, 2018 is being touted by many health and wellness experts as the year of the tech diet.

Major companies – even within the tech sector – are starting to recognize our reliance on devices isn’t healthy, and specific retreats and programs to counterbalance culture are cropping up globally, like London’s It’s Time to Log Off, and major hotels like Westin Paris and Mandarin Oriental New York pioneering some truly innovative – albeit a bit pricey – digital detox experiences.

We all need ways to disconnect from technology and reconnect with ourselves, sans a 24-7 revolving feed of everyone else’s lives.

What if the next trip you took doubled as a way to unplug from all that digital chatter and actually spend time outside, uninterrupted by the constant dinging of your iPhone or emails looming in your inbox?

If that sounds as glorious to you as it does to us, then let this list of off-the-grid destinations inspire your next “MindCation.”

New York, Boston & DC

off-the-grid retreats

Getaway’s tiny houses are just the right balance of rustic and modern. Photo: Getaway

City dwellers, we know you need this.

After we stumbled upon Getaway’s tiny-houses-in-the-woods concept (fulfilling all our Henry David Thoreau travel fantasies) we were excited to learn they are also for wanderers on a (sort-of) budget.

For about $100 per night, Getaway promises a modern, light and airy space where you can recharge in nature, lock your devices away (there’s a cell phone lockbox in each tiny house) and rekindle your connection with what really enlivens you. That sounds like exactly what we need right now.

Getaway founder Jon Staff grew up living in everything from Airstreams to boats, and was naturally drawn to the tiny-house movement and the rugged woods, hailing from rural Minnesota and eventually attending Harvard Business School. His story alone is enough to inspire the minimalist-seeking explorer in all of us.

The original Getaway retreat, which was birthded in 2015 in the New Hampshire woods, has grown to 43 tiny houses in the Boston, New York, and most recently the D.C. area. Take a spin through Getaway’s options here.

Joshua Tree

off-the-grid retreats

The desert is calling. Photo: Andreas Selter

If you want to get out into the raw outdoors, Joshua Tree is one of the best places to go off-grid.

So many places to camp, as well as cozy cabins, await you.

Plus, there’s something so ultra-spiritual about the desert. Joshua Tree is widely-recognized to host a myriad of wellness retreats, including Vipassana Meditation, which requires you to remain silent for an extended period of time, as a way to get back to your “true mind.” Retreats usually stretch about a week.

While most of us aren’t at that level of dedication, if you’re looking to renew mind and spirit, try a “Sound Bath” at the Integratron.

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