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(WTNH)– From community field trips to group crafts, we’ve been working this week to keep your children entertained this winter without spending a lot of money.

We’re stretching your dollar with some mommy secrets to keeping the little ones busy. We talked to parenting coach Chrissy Khachane who gave us a few go-to ideas.

Next time you’re at the grocery store, pick up the ingredients for a simple baked good or side dish and teach the little ones how to cook something.

Those pictures on your phone that just sit there, print them out and let your kids design a photo album or decorative board.

Here are a few other ideas she had.

“Paper airplane races is a big one in our house. And when you’re really down and out, which sometimes happens this time of year, you can brighten things by creating a “how many days until Spring” chart, putting the links together and giving yourself a countdown to Spring, Spring break or a family vacation. You may have coming up to leave all of this chilly weather,” said Khachane.

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Keeping crafting supplies tucked in a closet for a rainy or snow day is also a good idea.

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