Горячее путешествие: NASA приглашает "оставить след" на зонде, который достигнет Солнца Of course, this journey is not replaced.

The space Agency plans to write the names of everyone on the probe, which will go to the star this summer.

At the end of July this year will be the launch of the Parker Solar Probe that will travel to the meeting with the Sun. In the space Agency plan to attach the silicon chip on which are recorded the names of all who want to “ride” to the star. It is reported by NASA.

“Our probe can literally be called the fastest, hottest and coolest mission in the world. This amazing spacecraft will help us solve many mysteries of the Sun and understand its depths,” – says the scientific Director of the mission by Nicola Fox.

The main purpose of the Parker probe Solar Probe will be closer to the Sun at the minimum possible distance and to study its corona. At the end of the mission the probe will burn in the fiery atmosphere of the sun. The mission was named after astrophysicist Eugene Parker, the discoverer of the solar wind.

The probe needs to fly through the crown of lights 24 times, gradually approaching the surface of the Sun. To ensure that the probe is not burned immediately, it was equipped with a heat shield of carbon fiber, which reflects 99% of light and heat. Despite this protection, the housing of the probe will heat up to 1500 degrees Kelvin and be exposed to radiation exceeding the background on the Earth 500 times.

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